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A year-round culinary showcase of New York City’s most distinctive and unexpected food and retail offerings, TSQ MKT brings together the city’s most iconic operators at the center of the universe – Times Square – to complement the vibrant public arts programming, entertainment and dynamic events that characterize the storied public plazas.


Open daily, 11am – 9pm
Breakfast and late night by some (7am-12am)



Find Us

North Market Plaza – Broadway, from 46th to 47th

- Nuchas

- SnackBox

- Wafels & Dinges

- Mr. Bing

Mid Market Plaza – Broadway, from 45th to 46th


Sweet Churros


Mid Market Plaza – Broadway, from 43rd to 44th

- Strand

- Ice & Vice (Winter Hours:Wed-Sun 1pm-8pm)


South Market Plaza – Broadway, from 42nd to 43rd

- TSQ Taqueria

- Rock Pizza Scissors

- BurgerBox

Tsq Mkt Vendors