Times SQuare MarKeT

A year-round culinary showcase of New York City’s most distinctive and unexpected food and retail offerings, Time Square Market brings together the city’s most iconic operators at the center of the universe – Times Square – to complement the vibrant public arts programming, entertainment and dynamic events that characterize the storied public plazas.


Open daily, 11am – 9pm
Breakfast and late night by some (7am-1am)

Find US

North Market Plaza
Broadway, from 46th to 47th

Nuchas | SnackBox | Wafels & Dinges | Cousin’s Maine Lobster | C Bao

Mid Market Plaza
Broadway, from 45th-46th

Coffeed  |  Sweet Churros

South Market Plaza
Broadway, from 43rd-44th

Strand | Ice and Vice | TSQ Taqueria | BurgerBox | Coney Shack 

Times square Market Vendors