The First-Ever Citi Test Kitchen Opens at Urbanspace 570 Lex

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Citi Test Kitchen welcomes Bacchanal Sauce

Citi, in collaboration with Urbanspace, is proud to welcome Sonya Samuel of Bacchanal Sauce as the first chef-in-residence at the Citi Test Kitchen at Urbanspace at 570 Lex. Citi funded the Citi Test Kitchen, a branded and designated booth at Urbanspace, to help support the growth of local NYC culinary entrepreneurs.  

Sonya Samuel, winner of the Citi Urbanspace Challenge - a creative competition aimed at discovering local culinary entrepreneurs with talent and potential, and providing them with a platform to raise their profile and connect with the community - will occupy the Citi Test Kitchen for the next three months.

meet Chef Sonya Samuel


The mind behind the delicious Bacchanal pepper sauce, Sonya Samuel, is bringing flavors of the Caribbean islands to the Citi Test Kitchen at 570 Lexington with her ‘Bacchanal Sauce.’ Born in Brooklyn, Samuel was raised by family from the Caribbean and has always had a passion for the sweet and spicy flavors that are so distinct in the food of her heritage.

Each day, to make her sauce, Samuel uses hundreds of Habanero and Scotch bonnet peppers, a mix of island fruits like pineapple and guava and traditional Caribbean spices like cinnamon and allspice. The result is a lively, fruity and certainly spicy sauce that will surely delight any spicy food enthusiast.

The citi Test Kitchen

As part of its commitment to supporting the growth of small local businesses, Citi launched the Citi Test Kitchen to help up-and-coming chefs connect with customers without having to raise startup capital, accrue a solid customer base and lock down a prime location. By lessening the barrier to entry for these culinary entrepreneurs, Citi and Urbanspace are also providing NY market customers with what they crave most: the newest ingredients, the most exotic flavors and exciting taste combinations.