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Feast Yr Ears On Urbanspace

Recorded from the Heritage Radio Network overlooking Roberta’s of Bushwick, our President and CEO Eldon Scott discusses all things Urbanspace as a guest on the Feast Yr Ears podcast. Listen in as he discusses our past in London, our New York City adventure, and our future beyond the Big Apple.

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“As a leading food hall operator, Urbanspace is pleased to be joining the Willis Tower.. The redevelopment creates the perfect setting for Urbanspace to establish an immersive public market where creativity and community can flourish.” Eldon Scott, Urbanspace President

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UrbanSpace UK, Fight To Save Smithfield

After a long battle to save Smithsfield's General Market, UrbanSpace Management prevailed.  The Telegraph interviewed UrbanSpace UK President, Eric Reynold to discuss his campaign efforts that saved the iconic landmark.

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