Bring In The Dancing Lobsters


You don’t have to be in Maine to get good lobster — now you can get the best of the Atlantic at Times Square Market!

Cousin Sabin & Cousin Jimmy

Cousin Sabin & Cousin Jimmy


It all started after a trip from Boston to Cali, with the two cousins reconnecting over a game of NHL ‘94. Hometown nostalgia hit and the two reminisced about Summer time in New England filled with family, fun and of course, lobster boils. The casual conversation sparked them realizing their next business venture - a lobster food truck. Given the reality of the growing food truck scene along with the lack of quality Maine lobster, the cousins decided to put their money where their mouth was and opened up the Cousins Maine Lobster truck. Ever since, the two have been making waves selling out to lines of over 50 people deep. Given all the commotion, a couple people took notice and it even landed them an invitation to go on national TV.

If they seem familiar, your eyes aren’t fooling you. You probably recognize these two savvy entrepreneurs from their time on the hit show, Shark Tank. Quickly after landing the deal with Barbara Corcoran, the cousin’s business continued to soar becoming one of the most successful Shark Tank ventures to date.


5 Simple Steps to Deliciousness by Cousins Maine Lobster

  1. Wild caught, sustainably harvested, 100% premium lobster from Maine.

  2. Traditional New England style split top rolls, shipped from Maine, whose flat sides are perfect for buttering and grilling.

  3. Claw and knuckle Maine lobster meat - the choicest, sweetest and most tender parts of the lobster.

  4. Working with hometown lobstermen, supporting the local economy that employs thousands of hard workers.

  5. Know where your food comes from by partnering with wharfs along the Maine Coastline: Casco Bay, Cundys Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, South Bristol, Port Clyde, Tenants Harbor, Vinalhaven, Cutler.


Now nearly 4 years later you can still find the cousins playing NHL ‘94 in their CML offices, brainstorming whatever insanely delicious items will hit the menu next. Stop on by for the Grand Opening on June 5, 2019 to get a taste for yourself they will be giving away lobster rolls to everyone who comes to celebrate from 12-1pm!

Jimmy & Sabin with Barbara Corcoran

Jimmy & Sabin with Barbara Corcoran