More Than Just A Burger


For the health-conscious and passionate foodies seeking high quality, guilt-free American burgers, look no further than Black Iron Burger. The East Village staple offering classic American Burgers and foods inspired by the Mediterranean has officially opened up shop in Urbanspace Vanderbilt.

Whether you’re dreading the start of your workday or looking to celebrate a hard days work, Black Iron Burger has something for you to devour.

If you’re day is just starting off, you might want to pop over to the newest addition of the Vanderbilt family for their extensive breakfast menu. Are you a carnivore through and through? The breakfast burger with jalapeno aioli is the best way to start your day. If you’re looking for some lighter fare, perhaps the avocado toast or fluffy pancakes will be more your speed. One thing is guaranteed —no matter what your morning routine is, they are sure to have something you’ll fall in love with.

After you finally get out of that overly drawn out meeting, you can never go wrong with a juicy all beef burger & loaded aioli fries. Or maybe you want to be “healthier,” then their chicken burger is sure to impress you. But if meat is not your thing, that’s fine, their Veggie Burger maintains the same quality as their all-natural, lifetime antibiotic, steroid- and hormone-free meats.

Don’t forget about dessert! If you are looking for a tasty milkshake, they’ve got you covered. However for the more daring dessert lovers, bite into a freshly pressed ice cream sandwich! First they take a brioche bun, add either Nutty Nutella, or Cinnamon Apple Granola, scoop up some creamy ice cream and then PRESS IT!!!

*Be warned you need to devour this treat quick before it melts (but you won’t need to worry, it’s too good to not inhale).