A Sneak Peek at the Citi Urbanspace Challengers


Meet Some of The  Challengers


Our youngest Challenger has appeared on the Ellen show and sold Mr. Cory's Cookies throughout New York City. He's submitted his application to the Citi Urbanspace Challenge and there is one ingredient the cookies cannot be made without, a big smile!


What happens when a well-traveled duo with a great palate get together? They come up with some great treats inspired by time in Taiwan and NYC. Check out their entry video to the Citi Urbanspace Challenge!


Sonya Samuel wants to bring Caribbean food and flare into Urbanspace markets and we couldn't agree more. Seems like we don't have to go any farther than Brooklyn, or as she calls it, Little Caribbean. Wouldn't you want to try a piece of that carnival-inspired feast? 


MEET some more of the challengers


Stay tuned! The three finalists heading into Urbanspace Fall Pop-Ups will be announced on Tuesday, August 21st!