We've Got "Soup For You!" at Times Square Market


Years ago, in New York, people would line up around the block for the Soupman’s famous soup. Everyone knew you had to stand in line and follow his rules or “No soup for you!”  This inspired the iconic Soupman character on Seinfeld, and his common refrain “No Soup For You!TM”.

If you asked the the Soupman, he would tell you “what the world needs is more soup!” More than two decades later, America’s favorite belligerent chef has shifted his attitude and built upon the legacy of New York’s famous one-man soup stand.

The Original Soupman is dedicated to offering “Soup For All™” without compromising quality. Our fresh, artisanal soups are now available in online, in grocery stores nationwide and for the first time ever right in the heart of Times Square on the .43rd-44th St Plaza!