REAL. WEIRD. ART by Joey Allgood

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From the legendary murals on Soho facades, to the subway straphangers selling MTA maps with portraits of lady liberty, the New York art scene is pretty weird. But, one thing that you may not have seen yet is Joey Allgood’s REAL. WEIRD. ART.

“Late one night, I drew a penguin puking an armless skeleton, and decided to post it in Craigslist’s free section to see how others might react. When I woke up, I was shocked to discover over twenty requests to buy my penguin puking an armless skeleton. I spent the next four months drawing and giving away doodles. I couldn’t believe that people loved my doodles as much as I do, and I can’t remember ever feeling this happy.” Allgood recalled on pursuing life as city-going artist.

Jump to the next few years, hopping around downtown and trying his way at finding real weird customers who resonate with his like-minded art.

“Then one day, I bumped into a street artist,and she suggested setting up a table in Union Square Park. I reluctantly obliged, but as an introvert with no formal art training, and who’d never publicly displayed work before, I was petri ed. It took me a month to work up the nerve to come. My setup was scarce, a tinytable with a few framed prints, and a portfolio of doodles I knew no one would buy. Thousands of people pass by without glancing. I come to terms that this has all been too good to be true. en a woman walks by, and something catches her eye. She stops, and stares in silence for what feels like an eternity. Suddenly, she bursts into laughter. In that moment, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”