Eve Devore at Union Square Holiday Market

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Eve has been drawing for as long as she could remember, and instead of going to art school, she pursued an MBA in electrical engineering.

Encouraged by her Ukrainian parents, both engineers, who thought she ought to have “a serious job,” Eve set out for her MBA in electrical engineering. After college, Eve worked in sustainable energy at a demanding job. Every night she’d come home and sprawl across her apartment floor, painting and sketching dreams of a different life.

When Eve moved to New York, she was inspired the bustling city and the fascinating personalities around her, and finally committed to a career as a fine artist. Eve started creating Owl paintings that represented di erent people, places, or moods. To Eve, owls mirrored wisdom back into the eye of the beholder. By humanizing owls and owlizing humans, she celebrates individuality and emphasizes special quirks, energy, and qualities of each of her subjects.

The Union Square Holiday Market was the first market Eve did after transitioning into an art career full time. Doing art for a living was her biggest dream come true. “My mom used to say that if you’ll be an artist, you’ll end up selling your art on the streets” recalls Eve.

“I remember calling her on my very rst day here saying, “Mom, you were right, but I’m doing it in New York, at the best market! And it’s going great!”