One Sweet Story, Q&A With Kristen Tomlan

kristen-tomlan-cookiedonnyc -19.jpg

US: What led you to start the concept of Cookie DO?

DO: I've always loved baking - and sneaking cookie dough from the bowl. I grew up in the kitchen next to my mom, and learned the ins and outs of the mixer from her. I was working in branding and design in New York City when I got my lightbulb moment, shortly after I graduated college. My “ah-ha” moment for starting the business was during a girls weekend in Philadelphia. We went into a cookie shop and unanimously decided to forgo the fresh baked cookies and opted, instead, for a bucket of the cookie dough they were selling in their freezer case. We passed it around in the car and I thought, “Why isn’t this a thing – where you can go into a shop and just get cookie dough?” That’s when I knew I had to create it myself.

US: What was the first feedback that encouraged you to share Cookie DO with all New York & beyond? 

DO: Everyone I told my idea was incredibly excited by it. I started recipe testing and the response was even better! As the business grew organically from word of mouth and social media, I knew I had to find a way to share the concept with even more people - so we opened our flagship in Greenwich village.

US: How did you first learn about Urbanspace? (Do you have any favorite moments/past experiences at one of our markets?

DO: We first began our relationship with Urbanspace at the 2017 Bryant Park Holiday Shops. I had known about Urbanspace for a while and frequented the Vanderbuilt hall because it was so close to our old kitchen. I've loved working with the Urbanspace team and are excited to be in two Urbanspace markets currently - Bryant Park and 570 Lex!

US: What inspires each seasonal flavor & which so far has been your personal favorite?

DO: I'm always inspired by my favorite desserts, childhood treats, and candy! I love everything sugary, and experimenting with new flavors is the best part of my job!