Sitting UpTop with Michael Chernow on Urbanspace Vanderbilt's Mezzanine


Urbanspace Vanderbilt is excited to announce the opening of UpTop, Seamore's newest concept on the mezzanine, this Wednesday, January 31st. According to Seamore's - the point here is to keep it simple yet delicious. With that said, we're so excited to sit down with the man behind Nolita's most sought out seafood restaurant, Michael Chernow.

US: Hi Mike! It's exciting to welcome Seamore's to Urbanspace Vanderbilt with the debut of UpTop. What has been the most exciting part of this third location for Seamore's?

MC: Hey all! Wow, there are so many awesome elements we are excited about in joining the Urbanspace family. I guess the most exciting aspect is introducing the brand to a whole new set of incredible, hungry people. Though I'm sure many folks that eat at Urbanspace regularly are familiar with Seamore's, I'd guarantee many have not had the opportunity to head down to the restaurants to give us a try. We're also incredibly excited to try out a new business model, stepping into the fast-casual arena. Lastly, there are so many great brands within the market already, we are pumped to immerse ourselves into the community.

US: What special happenings are taking place for the opening of UpTop at Vanderbilt?

MC: We are going to be giving away a FREE meal....Yes! I said FREE meal to guests who engage on Instagram from 12pm-2pm on opening day. Additionally, we will be doing a $3 happy hour for all beer/wine/cocktails the first Thursday and Friday that we are open from 5-7pm. Lastly, I will be taking over the Urbanspace Instagram for opening day! We’re coming in HOT!

US: What's your favorite appetizer, plate and cocktail on your menu?

MC: Poke, Beer Battered Fish Sandwich, Mezcal Old Fashion

US: You've been in the biz since you were teenager, right? What's been your A'ha! or most rewarding moment thus far?

MC: Yup! I’ve been hustling in restaurants since I was 13. There has been so many moments over the years that stand out, but the most recent and prominent for me is when one of my mentors decided to leave his career with a huge hospitality brand to join me at Seamore’s as my partner and CEO. That was a pivotable moment in my career, a time when I consciously took a breath, slowed down and felt that I had actually created something special, that maybe I wasn’t just lucky and winging it.

US: Your restaurants are all a success and go-to for Manhattanites and visitors, who's been your idol in the industry that you think does it right?

MC: Danny Meyer, no questions asked.

US: Any other exciting ventures for 2018?

MC: We’ve got a few things a brewing....I guess you'll have to stay tuned!

Be sure to tune into @Urbanspacenyc on Instagram on Wednesday 1/31 while Michael Chernow takes over and announces some exciting specials for the opening of UpTop at Vanderbilt!