Mr. Bing Launches Breakfast at Vanderbilt

A mung bean, white flour crepe,  scrambled egg, sesame seeds, crunch wonton covered in Nutella

A mung bean, white flour crepe,  scrambled egg, sesame seeds, crunch wonton covered in Nutella


Mr. Bing, the Urbanspace Vanderbilt must-have Chinese street food eatery serving Beijing style crepe sandwiches launches breakfast at Vanderbilt. Rather than the usual bagels or toast, Mr. Bing is launching its cheesy egg sandwiches that are wrapped in a rice, mung bean, white flour crepe coated in scrambled egg-realness. 

We spoke with Brian, from Mr. Bing on his excitement to bring in the most important meal of the day!

US: We're so excited to announce Mr. Bing will now be serving breakfast at Vanderbilt! What are some items your most excited to share with the bing enthusiasts?

MRB: Bing's are traditionally a grab-n-go breakfast food in northern China. In Beijing, the carts roll out in the street around 6am to 10am. We've introduced it here in the US for lunch and dinner filling them with protein like duck, chicken, pork, kimchi. In China, it's usually a vegetarian version that they make. Sometimes in China they'll add a little sausage; but we sup it up here in the U.S. 

US: Bing's are a traditional Chinese street food bread-like item. Why are they the perfect breakfast item?

MRB: Well, since Jinbing's are traditional breakfast, vegetarian items - we're sticking to our roots after 2 years in NY. Since Bing (short for Jinbing) in chinese means crepe - we're doing the classic veggie bing, maple bacon, egg & cheese, double egg and cheese and covering them with nutella - 4 options in total. And don't worry - we still have the crunchy wontons in them! The breakfast bings are slightly smaller from 5oz of batter for lunch - to 3oz of batter for breakfast with 2 eggs! So you're getting higher protein with less carbs. Perfect for breakfast: Eggs, warm, fresh and fills you up for breakfast but doesn't feel as heavy as a bagel.


US: We heard you have a special sale for opening day for breakfast! Do tell!

MRB:Buy One, Get One on opening day, Thursday, Jan. 11! All morning long 7:30am- 10:30am at Vanderbilt! Grab one for a friend and help us share the word of a Bing for Breakfast!

US:  Last but not least - what's an exciting, funny or memorable moment you can share over your time at Urbanspace Vanderbilt? 

MRB: Our most memorable moment was Day #1 at Vanderbilt, when we flipped the switch on our neon Mr. Bing sign to ON. Once we saw that sign light up, with the happy Mr. Bing on there, it all became real and we were as excited as we are today to be at Urbanspace Vanderbilt!