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Urbanspace creates immersive public markets where creativity, and community flourish.



We cultivate environments rich in creativity - spaces where local makers collaborate, exchange ideas, and showcase their wares. Fostering community by transforming city spaces, we are motivated to provide the platforms on which artisans, entrepreneurs, and chefs succeed. 

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Urbanspace continues to connect creative small business owners and chefs with curious creativity–seeking customers by reaching out to new communities and spaces. 

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Urbanspace was founded in 1972 as Urban Space Management, the brainchild of developer Eric Reynolds. During its 40+ years of existence, the company has developed well over 50 projects, revamped derelict city spaces, conserved heritage buildings, and created vibrant new places for community and commercial gathering. Its formula: imaginative promotion, close involvement with the arts, and above all nurturing of small business. 

In the UK, Urban Space Management's projects include Camden Lock, Bishopsgate, Spitalfields, Elephant and Castle, Container City, and Chelsea Farmer's Market. 

In 1993, Eldon Scott decamped from the London team and arrived in New York City, establishing our NYC operations with the founding of the Grand Central Holiday Fair. That same year, Urbanspace introduced the Union Square Holiday Market–the first of our outdoor holiday markets in New York. Today Urbanspace operates multiple markets. 

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As the first-ever partner of Urbanspace, Citi is proud to be involved in connecting local chefs, artisans, and makers with local communities. Through their support of Urbanspace, Citi is continuing to enable progress—one idea, one vision, and one entrepreneur at a time.